Tuface not doing enough to promote Benue artists – Mc Smart

Lagos based Benue-born entertainer, Mc Smart has called out Legandary singer, Tuface Idibia over deplorable condition of Benue artisits and his lack of commitment towards promoting them.
In an open letter, Smart urged Tuface to emulate other top artists such as Davido by using his infulence to groom other upcoming artists from Benue to stardom now, as according to him, no top artist lasts forever.
The full letter…

“As Benue people, talent and food is our organic heritage. From the days of legendary Bongos Ikwe, I can’t remember or ever heard of a talented Nigerian musical artiste that took over from his spontaneous reign and musical exploits. Where is he amidst the raving stars of today? No where! Age and time has caught up with him…Let’s drum roll for the Living legend, most loved musical Icon and hit maker of all time. If you’re in this big city lagos, Innocent Idibia popularly known as 2baba is a demigod.  The entertainment Industry is close to worshiping him. Now let’s fall back to the grass root without comparison; Is there a thing 2baba intends to do in the industry including imposing some rising artiste on the media personalities and celebrities that he can’t?  Without mentioning names: look at the industry today. Clustered with the Ibos and Yorubas. All we have is 2baba. With tears and bitterness. Let me mention our struggling musical acts that need immediate projection from 2Baba despite all odds; Winner of project fame Monica Oga can still do better, Geoffrey Orji same project fame, Cupa Stonce is currently with Mavin Records still pushing, Aj native has done it all yet; The list is endless or should I mention the rising stars? Jay6, Raspo Ejembi, Rapizo, Meddy Olotu Imanoel , ChaCha Fate , Sonia Daniel, Ikyobo Daniels  (EMS). I can’t just end this list…  The truth is; We need help. I am not saying this as a novice but as a concerned entertainer who knows 2baba’s relevance In the industry.  At his last event,  if he had brought up 5 benue boys on stage to say look guys, watch out for this few, we would have gone somewhere reasonable.  2Baba, if nobody helped you when you started, you can start by changing the narrative and giving our entertainment industry a face lift again. Davido is globally recognized for lifting others. When speaking about you; people should have an endless list of boys popping now through your musical dynasty.  Our boys have shun cultism gradually and are now facing the light of stardom. All they need is just a push. Go to Abuja, Lagos, anywhere, The Benue people are known for security and menial other Jobs. At most police. Politically we’ve  “Sen. David Mark” and musical ancestor like 2baba”, should we be here?  Forgive the Benue entertainment industry and put us on the map. Not even  the almighty Fela, Lucky Dube, Bob Marley, Majek Fashek and all, Lasted for ever. Help us now that you’re at your prime. Make it an annual duty to give at least two of our Benue sons an opportunity to be heard. This won’t take an inch from your legendary status. I hope this gets to My mentor in high and considerable regards.”

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