NYSC bans BSU, UAM graduates from service  [Read Details]

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has banned Benue State University and University of Agriculture, both in Makurdi, from sending their students for the mandatory year of service.

According to the Mobilization Director, they had arrived at this decision following discovery of negli­gence and errors connected with figures after years of mobilization as reviewed, and also evi­dence of high level of manipulation.
He said: “One major issue we are addressing now is regularisation of admissions and Age Manipulation.
“The board has designed a template for all candidates who needed to be regularised and they must complete this online.
“After completing the forms online, a candidate will print an indemnity form which must be endorsed by his or her Vice-Chancellor or Registrar and submitted to the state JAMB office.
“This is to ensure that only genuinely admitted candidates are regularised with their real date of birth.
“On no account will the board collect the indemnity form through a proxy or applicant.”
The director disclosed to Benue State University Vice Chancellor that from the last quarter of 2016/2017, the board received 953 applications for change of date of birth, but it approved only 77.
He said 68 applications were received for change of state and local government areas, but only 39 applications were approved.
Also “We received 518 applications for correction of name. But we approved only 423.”
Responding to the development, the Vice Chancellor of Benue State University, Professor Moses Kembe who was at the NYSC headquarters to plead for leniency explained that the university management was not involved in age manipulation, saying the age limit of students were manipu­lated by students themselves.
Though negotiations are still ongoing, it was gathered that the schools will remain banned for 2 years if the ban is not lifted.
However Kogi State University which was also banned has been pardoned and it is believed that BSU and UAM could also be allowed if they find ways of checking the irregularities discovered

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