Igede nation reject mass burial for PDP crash victims

The Anambra/Delta State Chapter of Ominy’Igede have called on all sons and daughters of the Igede nation to reject the proposed mass burial for the eight members of the People Democratic Party (PDP), who lost their lives in a ghastly car crash on their way to attending the senatorial campaign flagoff of Comrade Abba Moro in Agatu.

In a press statement issued by their spokesperson, Patrick Akobo Ulaka, he said the idea of mass burial is against their culture, hence urged the state Governor, Samuel Ortom and the PDP hierarchy in the state to reconsider the decision and consult the Igede traditional council to find an alternative.

The statement reads,

“That Seven Illustrious Sons and a daughter of IGEDE Land lost their lives in a ghastly motor accident along Agatu road on their way to attend Comrade Abba Moro Zone C senatorial flag off in Agatu Benue State is no more news.

“IGEDE land is still mourning, tension and anger are very high, the youths feel that this is one sacrifice too many for Igede tribe to pay as it has become a tradition for Igede sons and daughters to be sacrificed on the alter of Political alignment and marginalized indeed and in a action.

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“What is news however is that Governor Samuel Ortom had planned a Mass burial for the great sons and a daughter of Igede land and feelers coming from the land of the great Agba kingdom shows that, the decision to give them a Mass burial does not go well with the entire Igede communities viz-a-viz the traditional, the Political, the socio-cultural class, the Elites, and even the common man on the street.

“The argument is that, Mass burial of any type no matter it’s good intension is against the culture of the Land, since each of the individual involved is entitled to certain traditional right and customs which are inevitable, thus cannot be denied.

“Moreover, their corps are intact and have been identified; the families of the deceased are prepared to give their sons and daughters a befitting burial and are already making plans to do so.

“The Governor of Benue State Dr Samuel Ortom should therefore consult with the various families through the Adirahu NY’ Igede, Igede traditional council and the Igede socio-cultural body- the Ominy’ Igede; For the governor to unilaterally fix a mass burial is say the least, a slap on the face of well meaning sons and daughters of Igede tribe and a great dishonor to the memory of the departed Igede political generals.

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“Besides, why is the governor solely concerned about a mass burial? Or was it a re-echoing or may be answer to the undignified promise by Senator David Mark to give Igede land a mortuary, maybe there is more than meet the eye; someone promises a mortuary, another comes for a mass burial, is that what Igede Land deserves? I dare say No! Igede land deserves better.

“It can be argued that the governor literally abandoned Oju Awajir road and the federal government abandoned the only otukpo/oju/uwokwu/ road linking Ebonyi state which now suffers a harvest of dust and is a death trap to punish Igede people and send as many people to their early grave, infact, Igede people suffering and dropping dead with the dusty condition.

“There are pressing issues to be addressed in Igede land bothering on marginalization, subjugation, political exploitation and perpetual servant hood, even when the perceived servant has more intelligence, political sagacity, astuteness and overall is better than the imposed master, but the only crime is that he/she belong to Igede land; a mass expanse of land romped into two massive local government to ensure political enslavement. How long shall the sacrifice continue.

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“We strongly appeal to the executive Governor of Benue state Dr Samuel Ortom to allow Igede deceased families to bury their late sons and daughter according to their tradition since mass burial is not part of the tradition.”

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  1. Nice write up but proper editing should be done when posting next article. In paragraph 5, first line should be “the corpses” and not “their corps”. Thanks for the understanding.

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